Rain & Fire Festival

The Campbell River Arts Council will be hosting a Spirit Festival in 2011! Entitled the “Rain & Fire Festival of Story,” this community celebration will take place from Feb. 24-27. The Arts Council is currently seeking ‘storytellers’ in any medium. If you are interested in participating, please contact the Arts Council at arts.council@crarts.ca (put ‘Storytelling’ in the subject line). For more info (250) 923-0213.

Community stories are a vast range of voices, working through all mediums. Included in the festival will be music, dance, literature, spoken word, song, theatre, photography and fine arts, all “telling the stories” of the peoples whose heritage is rooted in the Campbell River region.

The theme “Rain & Fire” has been chosen for both geographic and cultural reasons. Geographically it is a celebration of the reality of living in a coastal rainforest region, – in short rain! As essential ecological resource, rain is a major influence on the experience of living in this area. To celebrate rain is to celebrate our natural heritage. Fire configures into the cultural fabric of all peoples. Stories told “around the fire” are at the root of all ethnic identities and have thrilled, scared and taught us for millennia.

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