Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence

Congratulations go out to Timberline Secondary Digital Arts Teacher, Dave Coad for being nominated for the 2011 Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

The CRCIC recognizes the link between education and growing Campbell River’s creative industries. It has been clear from the start that Campbell River can not competitively position itself by merely being a location where professionals can relocate and work as long-distance service providers. Rather, Campbell River must grow it’s industry on the basis of local content, which, along with its community spirit and commitment to excellence, is part of what makes Campbell River unique. At the heart of growth and sustainability is education and at the heart of education is the dedication of teachers and the passion ignited in those students they motivate and inspire. Gathering skills is one thing; setting a student on a life-long journey of deep learning, skilled craft and creative expression is another.

Dave Coad’s Digital Arts program at Timberline promotes and succeeds in both of these goals. While, only a limited number of those terrific nominees can be recognized by this program, simply being nominated for Canada’s most prestigious award for teaching is a tremendous honour in itself and a wonderful indication of how much his hard work and dedication is appreciated.

This year over 146 nomination packages were submitted and will be reviewed by the selection committee comprised of experts in primary and secondary school education and stakeholders from Canada. Award recipients should be announced by the Prime Minister in the Spring, 2011.

Good luck, Dave!

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