Lavinia’s Creative Guide to the Campbell River

CAMPBELL RIVER, CUMBERLAND, COMOX MARINA: Oct 30_31_2017: Location scout stills for North Island BC InFilm. Photo by Kim Stallknecht

Spring and its counterpart, tourists, seem to be having a slow, erratic start this year. But don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s not yet time to roll out the welcome mats. Rumour has it that one intrepid traveler has been in our midst these recent weeks, burning up the pavement on a personal quest to unveil all things Arts & Culture in the Campbell River area and on Quadra Island.

This bon vivante has been turning up at open mic nights, admiring art exhibited in galleries and local shops and cafes, visiting heritage sites, artist studios, local markets, and attending concerts and events. She’s even been sited with camera and easel, inspired by the beauty of our local views. Her name is Lavinia and her passion is wholeheartedly experiencing the places she visits. From our major cultural institutions to grass roots expressions of arts in our community, Lavinia has done her best to experience it all.

But Lavinia wasn’t willing to just love us and leave us. She had such a good time and met so many terrific people along the way; she decided to leave a little something behind for all those visitors yet to come, so they, too, can have a fun and vibrant holiday experience.

Lavinia’s Creative Guide to the Campbell River Area will be available at Visitors Information Centre, and at many other locations in Campbell River. As with everything she does, Lavinia has put her personal stamp on the guide. Following her map of cultural activities and destinations will be like meeting Lavinia in person. She’s bold and adventurous and an excellent companion for visitors wanting a rich and personal experience of this beautiful part of the world.

The concept of Lavinia’s Creative Guide came from a group of individuals from the cultural community, supported by the City of Campbell River, and brought to reality through a generous contribution from North Island College. Peter Davies (illustrator) and Annette Yourk (writer) wrestled Lavinia’s journals and photos into shape.


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