COVID-19 Update Apr 2


The Covid-19 crisis is not getting any easier. The advice from Dr. Henry and Minister Dix has been immensely important. They have said we have seen some indications that our collective social isolation and social distancing is having a positive impact. They have also said that we are just beginning, and we must maintain what we are all doing for the next weeks and months.

Our Government is doing everything within our powers to support frontline workers and provide resources for them and everyone feeling the effect of the Covid-19 crisis.

I am including a link to a Covid-19 resource page that lists every support and resource BC has for the Covid-19 epidemic. It’s comprehensive, official and updated regularly. This link also helps access the health tools, such as the self-assessment tool and more CDC info about Covid-19.

In addition, here is the equivalent page for the Federal Government supports.

I do wish us all a safe journey through this crisis.

Hon. Claire Trevena, MLA
North Island

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